3D Fermi Surface of LaFe4P12

ThE PF module allows the user to obtain a stereoview of the calculated Fermi surface (Figure 8.8). It has two commands, Default and Customize. The parameters for producing stereographic effect can be taken from the default values using the Default command or can be specified by using the Customize command. The latter opens the Stereograph dialog box, which has four parameters to specify. These parameters can take values from 1 to 10. When the Stereo menu is in use, the Zoom menu of the FP window is disabled. Therefore, for large and improperly oriented Fermi surfaces, the left and right diagrams of a streoview pair can overlap thereby resulting in a unclear stereoview. In such cases, one should redefine the values of Plot displacement and the Zooming factor in the dialog box to make the diagrams farther apart and smaller.

LaFe4P12 Fermi

Figure. One of the stereograph view pair of LnFe4P12

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